In today’s competitive world it is very important for any brand to reach out to their right customer segment with the correct offerings to ensure their Survival and steady business growth and Digitization has given the solution to make it a success. At Digital Traffic Studios, we help companies to decide the right keyword strategy, designing of landing pages, Google analytics in order to track the leads. Paid Campaigns are not only the fastest ways to generate the business but it also help in branding. The beauty of these campaigns are that they are in control and can be customized accordingly.

Social Media Campaigns such as Facebook ads help in getting the traffic , user engagements, company page promotion.

Paid Campaigns

There are many paid platforms which can be used to create categorized campaigns as per the required consumer base, location, age groups and so on. It is very important to plan your campaign very strategically in order to get the maximum results and with Digital Traffic Studios you can have an edge over the campaign management where we plan, design and execute the campaigns in effective manner.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our PPC Services:

Account Audit & Analysis – We’ll analyze not your past and current PPC efforts but your entire digital footprint, business and brand using industry-leading software and human analysis.

PPC Competitor Research – We’ll check out your competitors to see what kind of PPC and other digital marketing they are making online. What keywords are they ranking for and how are they doing it?

PPC Keyword Research – We’ll consider what keywords and phrases you should be considering based upon an assessment of keyword search frequency, competitiveness and resulting opportunity. We’ll consider broad match, exact match, negative keywords, modifiers and long tail phrases.

PPC Campaign Strategy & Development – Based upon our research and your budget, we’ll recommend a PPC strategy.

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Account Set-up – Don’t have a Google Ads account? We’ll set one up for you that you own, and we manage. It’s included.

Audience Definition – Based on our PPC strategy, we’ll define your audience by detailed demographics, interests, life events or similarity to your existing customers. We’ll then advise you on how to best reach them using search, display and/or video ads.

Location & Device Targeting – We’ll target your audience wherever they are found and optimize your ads for the types of devices they are most likely using to access the Internet.

Landing Page Creation & Optimization – If you have a landing page, we’ll analyze and optimize it for you, making sure that it is properly developed for maximum relevancy, quality score, user-experience and conversion effectiveness. If you need a new landing page developed, we’ll create one.

PPC Ad Creation & Submission – There are a variety of PPC ad types and formats, each with their own benefits. These include text ads, video ads, image ads, responsive ads, shopping ads, and more. We’ll recommend what kind you should be using based on your goals, then help you create ones that are creative, relevant and compelling.

PPC Bid Management – We’ll place, manage and track your PPC bids for relevant keywords and phrases based upon your budget, available historical competitive data and strategic analysis.

PPC Conversion Tracking – We’ll track and monitor the results of your PPC campaign, analyzing click-throughs, search terms, on-site actions and sales conversions.

A/B Testing (Split Testing)– One of the most effective things you can do when using pay per click or any form of digital marketing is to use “A/B” or “split testing” to test and compare different ads (and landing pages) against one another to see which elements work best. We’ll do this as we optimize your campaign.

Retargeting Campaigns – To target customers who visit your site but fail to complete a call-to-action, we can implement retargeting campaigns which involve running your ads on other websites the customer is visiting.

PPC Monthly Performance & ROI Reporting – We’ll provide you with simple, easy-to-understand monthly PPC performance and ROI reports that let you see your top performing keywords, conversion effectiveness, spend and ROI. We’ll use this information to optimize your campaigns going forward. Stop, pause or adjust your campaigns at any time.

Other paid campaigns include
  • Google Adwords
  • Banner Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Whatsapp Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
Benefits of Campaigns
  • Easy way to reach out to the desired consumer base.
  • Can be controlled as per the requirement, budget.
  • Flexibility to choose the audience, location, age group.
  • Results can be measured as and when required.
  • Not time bound , can be started, stopped and paused at will.
  • Results are faster and give better results.
  • Results are faster and give better results.

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